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Being the third-largest continent in the world, North America is home to Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Because of its size, there are SO many things you can do on a trip to North America—hit the ski slopes in Canada, drive the California coastline, catch some rays in Mexico, go scuba diving off the coast of Florida, and explore the islands of Puerto Rico.

North America is your travel version of a one-stop shop. Whether you want to explore the world-famous national parks of Canada and the United States, dive into the pristine waters of the Caribbean, venture into the jungles of Costa Rica & Nicaragua or hit the road on a classic Americana road trip – North America has most certainly has you covered. The only problem you are going to have is deciding where to go to first. Scroll down to check out my North America guide and see some of my favorite destinations and adventure travel highlights.

Choose Your North American Destination
Canada is one of those countries that continuously finds itself on “top 10” destination lists. Whether it’s for the country’s incredible natural beauty, delicious food, unique culture, or unbeatable road trips—Canada has it all!
Mexico, a country rich with diversity and culture. For travelers looking to relax and sip on margaritas by the beach, visit Cancun. For those in search of a bustling city where you can learn about the history of the country, take a trip to Mexico City. Or maybe you want to cool off in the gem-colored waters of Tulum.
United States
The United States offers something unique – whether you’re looking to experience a relaxing tropical holiday, snow filled adventure, or the wonders of our incredible National Parks, there’s something for every kind of traveler.

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