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Even with everything so close, it can feel like you never have enough time in Northern Ireland. It’s just one of those places that the more you see, the more you’ll want to see.

Let’s start by exploring our destinations – the counties, towns and cities where you’ll see our Giant Spirit shine through. All the fan favourites and must-see places you might have spotted in other visitor guides out there. They share some similarities, being so near to each other in Northern Ireland, but each place offers a unique spin on the giant adventures and experiences they provide.

Cathedrals to Canoes

It won’t take long for you to get from County Armagh, with its rich Georgian heritage, church spires and orchards to the looping waterways of County Fermanagh. It’s no more than an hour’s drive, perfect for road-trip playlists and podcast fans. And with the views along the way, it feels like you’re entering another world as you cross bridge after bridge, before coming up on the mighty Lough Erne.

City Escape to Cityscapes

Spend some time wandering the cobbled, cloistered streets of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, and you might find yourself yearning for a more expansive view. Just a 10 minute drive away, you’ll discover Cave Hill, distinguished by its Napoleon’s Nose – a basaltic outcrop which resembles the profile of the famous emperor. Although a challenging trek to the top, all of Belfast can be seen from its peak, as well as the Isle of Man and Scotland on clear days. Feel the wind tugging at your sweater as you wrap yourself in these amazing views.

Causeway Giants to Coastal Adventure

Did we mention the Giant’s Causeway World Heritage Site yet? Or the Causeway Coastal Route all yours to unravel and explore? No giant adventure is complete without stark, epic castles, daring rope-bridges and wild cliff-walks. And that’s all while staying out of the water and keeping your feet dry.

Castle Walls to Dry Stone Walls

Speaking of castles, there’s fortifications a plenty in Derry-Londonderry. You might already know it’s one of the world’s best-preserved walled cities. Everywhere you go, the 400 year walls are there. But where once they kept people out, today they welcome everyone in. And on. You can take a stroll or local guided tour along and on these mighty city walls..

A short drive south east brings you to County Tyrone. Here the only walls you’ll see are the dry stone walls of the Sperrin Mountains. Mile after mile of thin, snaking stone that keep nothing out and nothing in but sheep and cattle. With views like these, we really put ‘as far as your eye can see’ to the test.

Silent Valleys to Seaside Adventures

Keep heading south-east , and you’ll come to County Down. Home of the mighty Mourne Mountains, the bustling city of Newry, the fishing port of Kilkeel, the seaside town of Newcastle, and of course Castle Ward. At least that’s what the locals call it, any Thronies out there might know this castle by a different name.

No matter where you decide to start, you’re always just a small step to another giant adventure. Once you know where you’d like to start exploring further, we can help you decide where to stay, what to see, and who can help when you’re there.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure information is correct, we strongly advise checking in advance before you travel to your intended destination to ensure its open and book tickets if applicable.

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Choose Your Northern Ireland Destination
County Down
Stretching from the shores of Belfast Lough, around Strangford Lough and down into the magnificent Mourne Mountains, County Down is home to castles, beaches, forest parks, stately homes and the world's top links golf course.
County Tyrone
Tyrone is packed with loads to do for families, groups of friends and couples alike. So, if your short break wish list includes spectacular landscapes, cycling, trekking, observing the stars, a bit of history and possibly a trip to a fabulous spa, you’ll find it all here.
County Antrim
County Antrim is like a snapshot of Northern Ireland. Home to the dynamic city of Belfast, it is the playground of giants that walk its nine glens. It offers you spectacular cliff top walks and dramatic sea views before giving you refuge in its cosy restaurants.
County Fermanagh
From the mighty Upper and Lower Lough Erne, to the Shannon-Erne Canal and the River Erne itself, almost a third of County Fermanagh is covered by lakes and waterways of all shapes and sizes, making it a paradise for boating, kayaking and more.
Whether you start or finish your journey along the Causeway Coastal Route in Derry-Londonderry, this beautiful city, with its 400 year old walls, is steeped in history, rich in culture and wrapped up in a world-famous sense of humour.
County Armagh
Armagh's big open-hearted nature means within minutes of arrival, you’re one of our own. Whether that’s meeting the wildlife at Lough Neagh, exploring an ancient pagan ceremonial site, or tasting the cider that inspires the Orchard County’s name.

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