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The United Kingdom, or UK, is made up of four member countries – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – which are situated on the British Isles, a collection of islands in northern Europe. Great Britain, or Britain for short, is the largest of these islands, and is home to England, Scotland and Wales.

Whilst most citizens of the UK (known as the British) understand how complex this is to understand, it’s polite to try and get it correct. Calling a Scottish person ‘English’ is not the best way to make a good impression! Nevertheless, while you’re visiting you won’t notice any borders or formalities as you travel between the different countries, and there are simplified border procedures when travelling from the rest of Europe.

Whether you’re visiting England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, you’ll always find plenty to see and do.

Choose Your Destination In The United Kingdom

The largest and most populous of the countries making up the United Kingdom. England is home to the capital, London, as well as other large cities like Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Many visitors choose London as the focal point of their visit, as it has the most attractions, accommodation and transport hubs in one area. However, the rest of England (and indeed the United Kingdom) should not be overlooked since there is much more to it than London.
Scotland is a land of incredible scenery and history. Its two main cities are Edinburgh and Glasgow in the southern part of the country, each with major international airports and good rail and road links. Edinburgh is well known for attractions like its castle, Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile, and Royal Yacht Britannia. Glasgow is also a centre for shopping, art galleries, and as a gateway to the rest of the country. Further north is the large region known as the Highlands, which incorporates the largest peaks and most scenic valleys.

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