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Whether you want to sandboard down a steaming volcano in Nicaragua, explore a cloudforest in Costa Rica, watch the sunrise over ancient Maya sites in Guatemala, or hike through the thick Panamanian jungle, the slim waist of Central America offers plenty of adventure. Below are the best travel destinations across Central America that are a must-visit for any traveler:

Choose Your Central American Destination
Costa Rica
Many people visit Costa Rica for its unspoiled beaches, lush rain forests and abundance of wildlife. It’s easily fall in love with this country. Not to mention the active volcanoes, hiking, and Adrenalin-pumping activities that you can experience, Costa Rica is every adventurer’s dream destination.
Waves and beaches to die for, thriving adventure tourism, colorful sun-drenched colonial cities and an island which is home to not one, but two volcanoes. Facing a two-decade dictatorship followed by a bloody revolution until the late 1980's, Nicaragua is now becoming a hot spot travel destination, and a country that must definitely should be on your bucket list.
Belize is truly the hidden paradise of Central America. The minute you arrive, you will be with warm smiles from the locals, stunning dense jungles, impressive Mayan ruins, and then some. Whether you’re looking to explore Belize underneath the surface while snorkeling or you want to trek through the jungle, it’s a perfect destination for every traveler.
Guatemala is just gorgeous. Culture vultures will swoop in on the Mayan ruins at Tikal, Topoxte and Yaxha. The colonial period is captured perfectly in city of Antigua (Easter here is stunning). And for nature lovers, hiking through cloud forest-covered volcanic slopes is verging on ethereal.
Mexico is the home of tacos, tequila, sombreros and Aztecs. Not only that, it also offers an amazing mix of Mesoamerican cultures, contemporary arts and Spanish traditions. There’s a lot more that to discover in this country beyond the typical stereotypes.
Panama is an awesome destination. From the city skyscrapers, the secluded beaches, the tropical islands and the green rain forest, you will be spoiled for choice. Panama is full of culture, amazing people and never ending beautiful sights making it a must visit destination for every traveler!

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