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Azure seas, white beaches, green forests so vivid they actually hurt the eyes – there is nothing subtle about the landscapes of the Caribbean. Swim below the waters for a color chart of darting fish and corals. Feel the sand between your toes at any one of a thousand picture-perfect beaches. Hike into emerald wilderness and spot the accents of red orchids and yellow parrots. Outdoor-adventure enthusiasts make a beeline for unspoiled islands such as nature-lovers’ Dominica and St Lucia’s iconic lush Piton mountains, which send out a siren call to climbers. Below are some travel destinations across the Caribbean that are a must-visit for any traveler:

Choose Your Caribbean Destination
What draws people to the tropical Caribbean island of Cuba is much more than beaches and antique 1950’s cars, although there are plenty of those! In Cuba, you can wander bustling city streets, go hiking in the mountains, learn about the history of tobacco, or simply soak up the country’s 1950’s time-warp appeal.
St Lucia
Visit St. Lucia for its sprawling chalk-colored beaches, towering volcanic peaks and upscale resorts. You can start your day with a hiking adventure through the Piton Mountains, soak up some midday sun along Reduit Beach and watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea.
Home to towering mountains, dense rain forests, colorful coral reefs and stunning beaches, Jamaica's diverse scenery attracts a variety of visitors. Adventurous travelers can hike, rock climb or dive while beach bums lounge on Seven Mile Beach's soft white sand or swim in its clear water.
Turks and Caicos
Travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands to see some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, including Grace Bay. Home to one of the largest barrier reef systems in the world, this collection of coral islands also offers unforgettable experiences for snorkelers and scuba divers.
Cayman Islands
One of the most scenic spots in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands is home to premier dive sites, including Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto. there's also Stingray City, which offers clear water, a shallow sandbar and opportunities to swim with stingrays.
Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean getaway that has it all. For beach lovers there are plenty of beautiful spots to relax on. If adventure is your thing, you can zip line, hike, dive, kite surf and more through this exotic paradise. Wildlife lovers can spend their days whale watching, snorkeling with colorful fish or watching birds of prey swoop over the national parks.

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