Time to pack for your trip! Looking for the best travel gear for your next trip? Check out my Adventure Travel Packing Guides.

Welcome to my Packing Guides. Preparing for a trip can bring on a lot of stress and having the wrong clothes or gear can make or break an experience. My goal here is to supply you with unbiased information on clothing, gear, and luggage. My Guides cover a wide range of topics from what to pack for a particular trip or how to pack for special trips like backpacking, camping, or hiking.


You’ll find a collection of the best gear on the market and packing guides to having a seamless trip. I am a firm believer that no packing list or piece of gear is perfect for everyone so my Packing Guides will supply you with all of the information to make an informed decision.

These expert packing Guides will have you choosing the best luggage, packing for more than one climate, keeping your bag as light as possible, and more!

Latest Packing Guide Articles

My Backpacking Gear Checklist - Vagabond Joe

My Backpacking Gear Checklist

Learn how to pack for a successful overnight backpacking or trekking adventure with lightweight gear essentials like a tent, stove, and clothing. My backpacking checklist!

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