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Top 9 things to see & do in Belfast

Top 9 things to see & do in Belfast

Now is the time to explore Belfast’s world-class museums, rich history, varied art scene and 5,000 acres of parkland. Here’s a quick rundown of my top picks of things to do and see in Belfast.

Irish Road Trip – A Seven Day Itinerary - Coastal Road in Northern Ireland, UK

Irish Road Trip – A Seven Day Itinerary

An Irish road trip has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It’s the combination between beautiful scenery, vibrant cities and quaint towns that captured my interest.

Vagabond Joe My First Travel Experience In Dublin, Ireland

My First Travel Experience

Was I nervous on my First Travel Experience when I hoped on a plane knowing there would be no one waiting for me on the other side? A little.


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