Ymke Hemminga – Scratch the Surface

Ymke Hemminga (1974) was born in Waddinxveen, a village of Benoni-esque boredom in the Netherlands. She spent years thinking whilst cycling, drawing, dreaming of uninterrupted horizons, and writing, padded with a fair amount of faffing. After traveling, studying Fine Arts in South Africa, studying creative-and-play writing in Amsterdam, she landed permanently in 2003, where an uninterrupted horizon was found on a smallholding in Boschkop east of Tshwane.

Scratch the Surface/Ymke has been illustrating and writing freelance since 1999, the keyword here is analog! Un-photoshopped pen and ink scribbles often accompanied by long limbed, poetic cursive writings. In 2009 she started her own ranges of A5 postcards and illustrated crockery because there is so much white crockery in the world…and she still scribbles freelance for magazines, logo’s, invitations, books and private commissions.

Ymke of what inspires her -
All absurd and beautiful aspects of being human. People and their ornaments and inventions. That there are people out there inventing ‘rubber-pet-brushing-gloves’ or saving whales or being Nelson Mandela or Paris Hilton. Human beings seem to be the kings and queens of distraction from dazzling responsibility that we humans, as oppose to a Cocker Spaniel, can think, feel, speak, laugh and choose.

Trying to find the humor in mundane daily acts, like doing dishes and groceries etc. Collecting and creating moments or items that evoke a grin or a giggle. I have to find humor in everything or else…no seriously I think it’s all we’ve got to rise above ourselves, to connect and evolve.