Vagabond Joe travels through varying themes, collecting trinkets and relics found on the road and designer merchandise custom made by fellow travellers.

We explore the places, people, stories, ideas behind each theme on the blog and reveal the novelties collected along the way.

We see ideas envisioned through each contributor’s eyes and what the spark of each new theme inspires them to create.

All tailor-made goods are limited edition or one-off originals and available soley through vagabond joe.

Each theme runs online for three or four months, with new merchandise being constantly added to the collection.

Each theme launch has a pop-up event in varying physical locations

We launch with the theme ‘stranger in paradise’ and move onward into new territory later this year…sign up for the mailing list and we’ll keep you updated.

Stranger in Paradise

Paradise ... “The imperfect is our paradise.” Wallace Stevens+ View Collection
Stranger in Paradise