Books & stationary a plenty available Monday night

Be sure to drop by The Woodlands Eatery this Monday 3rd June for a tasty beer, burger & a pop-up shop of Stranger in Paradise Vagabond Joe treasures. Many items are one-off originals or vintage and limited edition so best you get there at 5 sharp to collect that gem with your name written all over it and then settle in for a burger set to chase away any of those Monday blues. Speaking of blue…

Some more sneak peaks

Some more sneak peaks

You’ll be sure to be shouting out ‘Please sir! Can I have some more!’…whether it be at Will for more burgers or Vagabond Joe for more treasures. See you there.



Rest in Peace Erik Laubscher

Erik Laubscher – renowned South African artist passed away yesterday at the age of 86. A career spanning sixty years, and his work included in major museums and public collections, Laubscher was also founder of The Ruth Prowse School of Art in 1970 and the school’s director for twenty five years.

Swartland abstract Still life with white bottles Oil on canvas

Swartland abstract / Still life with white bottles / Oil on canvas
Johans Borman Fine Art

Overberg Landreye / oil on canvas SMAC Gallery

Overberg Landreye / oil on canvas
SMAC Gallery

Evidently way-back-when, The University of Cape Town rejected him “because he could not draw”. And so taking private lessons, Laubscher then went abroad to study, fell in love with a young French artist Claude Bouscharain who he married in 1951. Erik Laubscher went on to become the first living artist to fetch ZAR 1 million at a local auction – for his painting Still LIfe with Mandolin, music score and fruit in 2009.

(Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. F.Scott Fitzgerald)

Rest in Peace Erik Laubscher and on a personal note – thank you for the legendary Ruth Prowse School of Art.

Still life with turquoise plate / oil on canvas  Hot landscape/oil on canvas Johan Boorman Fine Art / SMAC Gallery

Still life with turquoise plate / oil on canvas
Hot landscape/oil on canvas
Johans Borman Fine Art / SMAC Gallery



Preparations are in full swing for the online shop and the launch pop-up event of Stranger in Paradise – cue drinks, music, merriment and a general case of the joie de vivre. Oh…and also did I forget to mention…you’ll be able to start a-shoppin’ for treasures and exploring all Vagabond Joe and his merry band of followers have gathered. So here’s a little more of a sneak peak of what’s coming soon to a store near you. This store.


Showcasing items gathered by Vagabond Joe and The Book Lounge, Danna Wilson, Joy’s Collectables, Buy Buy Birdie



Showcasing items by Vagabond Joe, The Book Lounge, Joy’s Collectables


And here… to steer you off into the weekend in a rocking way…’A Brief History of John Baldessari ‘ narrated by Tom Waits.




Ymke Hemminga of Scratch the Surface has created some original Stranger in Paradise artworks for, available as limited edition prints onto porcelain plates. With her wild talent having caught the eye of Vagabond Joe many years ago, excitement was great when Ymke signed on as a Contributor. Hoping to learn more about each individual involved in the project, all Contributors were sent a Q&A. And Ymke’s response seen here below knocked our vagabonding socks off and brought with it a smile or two. As does all her work…