‘Vagabonding’(definition from ‘Vagabonding – An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel’ by Rolf Potts)

  • the act of leaving behind the orderly world to travel independantly for an extended period of time
  • a privately meaningful manner of travel that emphasizes creativity, adventure, awareness,
  • simplicity, discovery, independence, realism, self-reliance, and the growth of the spirit
  • a deliberate way of living that makes freedom to travel possible
  • vagabonding is about looking for adventure in normal life, and normal life within adventure
  • vagabonding is about taking control of your circumstances instead of passively waiting for them to decide your fate
  • vagabonding is not just a process of discovering the world but a way of seeing
  • an attitude that prepares you to find the things you weren’t looking for beyond travel,
  • vagabonding is an outlook on life

& Joe…in heartfelt tribute to a man who celebrated life and all the good things in it – family, friends, travel, books, red wine, knowledge, music, adventures, taking leaps of faith in business and life …
taking the scenic route, cooking good food (making the largest mess possible), laughing often and much, evening walks with the dogs…

… and it’s from the old I travel to the new
keep me traveling along with you …


  • a global mixture of the extraordinary, the beautiful, the exotic, the oddball and the just plain ‘to ones liking’ showcased online and in pop-up events
  • limited edition designer products, one-off originals, secondhand gems, and all things strange and wonderful sourced worldwide
  • a collection of trinkets and relics found on the road passing through the varying themes or custom made by fellow travelers
  • build a unique giftbox or two (‘one for you, two for me’) and have it hand delivered clothing, accessories, books, jewellery, art, ceramics, homeware, wine, edible treats…packaged and delivered to your chosen destination


  • to discover objects of desire, new and old, from all walks of life, all around the globe
  • to explore the places, people, stories, ideas behind each theme and reveal the novelties collected along the way
  • to see ideas envisioned through each contributor’s eyes and what the spark of a new theme inspires them to create
  • endeavour to tie the threads of creativity and knowledge together throughout
  • to showcase the talent of individuals, celebrate the independants, discover the wierd and wonderful and march to the beat of our own drum